Before Covid-19 broken out in early 2020, I have stayed at home for about 5 years, taking care of kids and family.

I enjoyed this journey, but I also understood it might be boring, just like Covid-19.

Living alone without too much connected to the social would cause some trouble…

Now we are entering a new digital age — digital content or service subscription age.

If you ask me, what is the most digital change in the recent 10 years, I would say “digital subscription service” is definitely one of them.

With the monthly payment or the yearly payment, people…

The Forms of Graphs

There are so many graphic forms can be made by Tableau.

There are also so many algorithms can be put behind for each graph.

The combination of graphic forms and algorithms can lead to thousands of forms of visualizations. Maybe the visualization can also be called patterns.

Here are the…

Folder and File System

First of the first, I’m not a programmer and I don’t like coding. I am the one who like to use the tools to solve the problem and unravel my curiosities.

When the first time I’m using Tableau, I thought, yes, this is exactly the tool that I want to…

A lot of people are just talking and talking.

So as a lot of people are just reading and reading.

Only Nike told you:

Just do it

“Do it” is the most authentic and warm hearted advice to be told. …

As a long time Tableau user, I tried using Tableau CRM recently and it did blow mind.

Yes, it’s Artificial Intelligence standing before me first time in my life. And I’m using it for security analysis first time.

Below is the advantage of Tableau CRM

1. The dataset format is easily converted from existing Tableau dataset.

Tableau CRM fits into Tableau…

Meditation seems becoming more and more popular these days that I don’t know why.

Because I did meditation since I was young at the age of 15 that can surprise some but which I thought it’s just common Life.

I was raised in a family believing Buddhism and Meditation is…

I used to travel a lot and I liked traveling. However, time changed. I’m not willing to do some business travel any more.

I just want to stay with Family. I hope my office is not far from my home and no travel required or it can be a home…

I’m a huge Fitbit Fan so there could be some bias when I’m reviewing Fitbit. There are so many topics can be discussed about Fitbit such as Fitbit App, Fitbit Premium, Tracker or Smartwatch, Fitbit or Apple Watch etc.

No matter what, I just need to tout something. Let’s begin…

Pete Cai

Husband, Dad, Review Tech and Life, Tableau Enthusiast, Photography as a hobby.

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